Copper sulfate, TBCC:

International and domestic copper inventories hit a new low, so there is still support for copper prices, copper prices are expected to continue to fluctuate, generally stable.


Ferrous sulfate:

The raw material-ferrous sulfate heptahydrate supply is still tight, there are a lot of uncertainties in the future price.


Manganese sulfate:

Manganese ore and other auxiliary materials prices continue to maintain, facing the pressure brought by the overall production cost, manganese price will run in a slightly rising trend in the near future.


Zinc sulfate, zinc oxide:

The prices of auxiliary materials have a callback trend, product prices may be slightly down.


Magnesium sulfate, magnesium oxide:

The northern part of China is relatively severely affected by the Covid19 pandemic recently, and the price of sulfuric acid has risen slightly.  Prices are relatively stable at present.


Potassium chloride:

Market supply continues to be tight, but the overall volume is not large. Product price rose slowly.


Calcium formate:

Calcium formate price began to decline, in the short term formate price is stable, slightly down, export demand is relatively large.


Sodium selenite:

Price is expected generally stable.


Cobalt chloride, cobalt sulfate:

Prices are high and continue to rise slowly.