Copper sulfate, TBCC:

In the second half of the year, new production capacity has been put into production, but the risk of epidemic still exists, mining disturbances are still frequent. And the tight pattern of the year will not change. Copper prices have been falling recently, copper prices are expected to continue to fluctuate.


Ferrous sulfate

1.Part of titanium dioxide production enterprises are still in maintenance or semi-production state.

2.Some titanium dioxide enterprises into the new energy sector company is continuing to increase.

The above two aspects lead to a decrease in the supply of the raw marterial ferrous sulfate heptahydrate.


Manganese sulfate:

Recently, the price of coal, manganese ore and other auxiliary materials continues to rise, and the price of sulfuric acid continues to rise. After a period of rising, the price of manganese sulfate is basically stable.


Zinc sulfate, zinc oxide:

Recently, the prices of auxiliary materials such as sulfuric acid, and coal are still high, the supply of raw materials for low-chlorine zinc oxide is tight, and manufacturers are under high cost pressure. It is expected that the price will fluctuate in the near future.


Magnesium sulfate, magnesium oxide:

Magnesium oxide prices may have a small reduction. Magnesium sulfate, due to the price of sulfuric acid continued to increase the price may be temporarily stable.


Calcium iodate:

Recent iodine raw material prices rise, the product price rise. Strong demand.


Sodium selenite:

Domestic supply fell and prices rose slightly

Cobalt chloride, cobalt sulfate:

The cost of raw materials and auxiliary materials rises, and the product price continue to rise.