Company profile

In 1990, Chengdu Sustar Mineral Elements Pretreatment Factory was founded in Sanwayao, Chengdu City. Sustar is headquartered in Wuhou District, Chengdu City, and has a R&D and production base of more than 20,000 square meters in Shouan Industrial Zone, Pujiang County, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China. At present, Sustar owns Jiangsu Sustar, Guangdong Sustar, Suining Sustar and Sichuan Weiyisheng, and holds shares of Guangyuan Sustar, Wenchuan Sustar and so on. Depending on annual production capacity of more than 100,000 tons, Sustar provides customers with stable high quality products.

Sustar has established a “PhD workstation for microelement nutrition research” jointly with Institute of Animal Nutrition, Sichuan Agricultural University. Replying on our more than 10 animal nutritionists, animal husbandry and veterinary doctors, chemical analysts, equipment engineers and senior professionals in feed processing, research and development, inspection and testing, etc., the workstation provides customers with all-round services from the links such as formula development, production & inspection of products and integrated application of product solutions.

After more than 20 years of development, Sustar, as a “member unit of National Technical Committee on Feed Industry of Standardization Administration of China”, has participated in the drafting and revision (setting) of 14 national and industrial standards, and has been awarded with “China Standard Innovation Award” and other honorary titles.

With “cast high quality with heart, and attach great importance to details” as the core values of the brand,  We have maintained long-term close cooperation with more than 1,000 feed enterprises in China, and has entered Taiwan province, Southeast Asian , European and American countries.

Factory 1

Chengdu plant - Chengdu Sustar Feed Co.,Ltd.

Address : No.147 Qingpu Road, Shouan Town, Pujiang County, Chendu City, Sichuan Province.

Product : Copper sulfate, Ultra micro sodium selenite, Ultra micro cobalt sulfate, Ultra micro cobalt chloride, Ultra micro calcium iodate, Ultra micro potassium iodide.

Factory 2

Guangdong Sustar Feed Co.,Ltd.

Address : No.3 Guijing Road, Second Industrial Zone, Nanlang Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province.

Product : Copper sulfate , Coated zinc oxide, TBCC , TBZC, L-selenomethionine

Factory 3

Jiangsu Sustar Feed Co.,Ltd.

Address : Industrial Zone, Tangzhang Town, Tongshan District, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province.

Product : Trace minerals premix for piglets, Trace minerals premix for fattening pig, Trace minerals premix for sows, Trace minerals premix for breeders/layers/broilers

Factory 4

Guanyuan Sustar Feed Co.,Ltd.

Address : Huilong river industrial plaza, Lizhou Zone, Guangyuan city, Sichuan province.

Product : Manganese sulfate

Factory 5

Xichang plant - Xichang Sustar Feed Co.,Ltd.

Address : Yinlu industrial zone, Dechang county, Liangshan autonomous prefecture, Sichuan province.

Product : Common zinc oxide