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Copper sulfate, TBCC:
Domestic fine copper inventory continues to decline, copper prices support is strong, pay attention to the performance of the traditional peak season.
Copper prices in the short term is expected to continue to shock at a high level.


Ferrous sulfate:
1 Titanium dioxide demand has not seen obvious signs of improvement, part of titanium dioxide production enterprises are still in maintenance or semi-production state
2 Some titanium dioxide enterprises into the new energy sector company is continuing to increase.
The above two aspects lead to a decrease in the supply of ferrous sulfate heptahydrate.


Manganese sulfate:
Recently, the price of coal, manganese ore and other auxiliary materials continues to rise, and the price of sulfuric acid continues to rise.
After a period of rising, the price of manganese sulfate is basically stable.


Zinc sulfate, zinc oxide:
Recently, the prices of auxiliary materials such as sulfuric acid, and coal are still high, the supply of raw materials for low-chlorine zinc oxide is tight, and manufacturers are under high cost pressure. It is expected that the price will fluctuate strongly in the near future.


Magnesium sulfate, magnesium oxide:
Sulfuric acid prices continue to rise steadily, magnesium sulfate prices rose slightly.


Calcium iodate:
Recent iodine raw material prices rise, the product prices rise. Strong demand.


Sodium selenite:
Selenium market remain stable, the actual turnover picked up slightly.

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