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Trace Elements Premix Chicken Feeds for Breeders
Trace Elements Premix Chicken Feeds for Breeders

Trace elements premix chicken feeds for breeders

1.Better fecundity, higher fertilization rate, hatching rate and offspring’s livability rate ;2. Stronger immune system and longer effective breeding time.

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No.1 By using micro-mineral model technology precisely and suitable proportioning of organic & inorganic trace elements, it will increase eggshells’ quality. The rate of misshapen eggs and breakage will be reduced. Breeders will be easier to fertilize, hatch and will produce more healthy newly-born, which is also known as the offspring-defensive function.

No.2 A safe, efficient, fast way to ration minerals to breeders. It will also enhance organisms immunity , disease-resistance, and alleviate oxidative stress.Breeders’ effective breeding time is extended.


Add 1.5kg/t product to breeders’ common formula feeds.

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