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Trace Elements Premix for Piglets
Trace Elements Premix for Piglets

Trace elements premix for piglets

1.Healthy intestine ;2. Red and shiny skin;3.Quickly adding weight

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1.By using glycine copper (5008GT high-copper and copper sulfate) to transform the traditional high-copper tech, growth can be improved, with less disturb of iron absorb.

  1. By using qualified ferrous glycinate, ferrous can be absorbed rapidly, which will reduce the damage from chyme with too much iron ion and protect intestine. It will also help organism absorb iron, give rise to hemoglobin synthesis and improved circulation oxygen supply, so that piglets can grow rapidly with red and shiny skin.

3.By using glycine zinc and zinc sulfate, which can also be used with zinc oxide together (by reducing 25% of zinc oxide), it can fulfill the needs of body, protect intestine, reduce diarrhea and rough disordered fur.

4.By using micro-minerals model tech precisely, taking advantage of optimized combination model of ferrous, copper and zinc, using appropriate amount of manganese, selenium, iodine and cobalt, it will balance the nutrition of organism effectively, strengthen immune system, relieve the weaning stress and add weight quickly.


Add 2.0kg/t product to 5-25 kg piglets’ common formula feeds (add 2.0 - 2.5kg/t to creep feed, and 2.0kg/t to earlier nursery feed).

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