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Trace Elements Premix for Sows
Trace Elements Premix for Sows

Trace elements premix for sows

1. Less limbs and hooves disease,;2. Increase survival rate ;3. Stronger piglets

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  1. By using micro-minerals model tech precisely, it can quickly supply and balance trace elements in sows’ body, reduce limbs and hooves disease, shorten estrus interval and result in effective breeding time.
  2. By choosing the best organic minerals, appropriately combined with the high proportion of organic iron, organic zin ,organic copper ,organic manganese and organic selenium, it will improve circulating oxygen supply, and also organism’s anti-oxidative stress ability. It will also reduce death rate and increase survival rate.
  3. By strengthening selenium, zinc and other trace elements directionally, the milk will contain more nutrition for anti-disease, so that piglets can grow stronger and survival rate will be higher.


Add 1.6-1.8kg/t product to replacement gilts’ common formula feeds; Add 2-2.2kg/t product for pregnant sows and lactating sows, Add 2.0- 2.3kg/t product to boars’ common formula feeds.


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