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Trace Elements Premix Chicken Feeds for Broilers
Trace Elements Premix Chicken Feeds for Broilers

Trace elements premix chicken feeds for broilers

  • Lower Breakage Rate
  • Brighter Eggshell
  • Stro Longer Laying Periodsnger Piglets

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Product features
1.Red comb and shiny feather; 2. Stronger claws and legs; 3. Less water dripping

Technical measures

No.1 By using micro-mineral model technology precisely and suitable proportioning of organic & inorganic trace elements, it will provide what feathers, skins and bones need to grow fast, make stronger claws and legs .

No.2 Best formula of ferrous glycine and ferrous sulfate, ferrous can be absorbed rapidly, which will reduce the damage from chyme with too much iron ion and protect intestine, reduce water excrement.

No.3 Effective and balanced micro-mineral nutrition can strengthen immune system and alleviate oxidative stress, improve slaughter performance and reduce dripping loss.


Add 1.0kg/t product to broilers’common formula feeds.

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