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According to swine’s nutritional traits from the piglets to the finisher ,our expertise produce high-quality trace minerals ,low heavy metal ,security and bio-friendly ,anti-stress under different challenges .


  • It’s good for palatability of feed, healthy intestine, and red& shiny skin. Our nutrition formulas meet the needs of piglets, reduce diarrhea and rough disordered fur, strengthen immune system, improve antioxidant stress function and relieve the weaning stress. Meanwhile, it could also reduce antibiotic dosages.

Recommended products

1.Copper sulfate 2. Tribasic copper chloride 3.Amino acid ferrous complex 4. Tetrabasic Zinc Chloride 5. L-selenomethionine 7. Calcium Lactate

Growing-finishing pig

  • Focus on reducing the possibility of jaundice, making nice flesh color and less drip loss.
  • It can effectively meet the needs evenly during growing periods, reduce ion’s catalytic oxidation, strengthen organism’s anti-oxidative stress ability, reduce jaundice, mortality, and extend shelf life of meat.

Recommended products

1. Amino acid zinc complex 2. Amino acid manganese complex 3.Copper sulfate 4.Sodium selenite 5.Amino acid ferrous complex.


  • Less limbs and hooves disease, less mastitis, shorter estrus interval, and longer effective breeding time (more broods). Better circulating oxygen supply, less stress (higher survival rate). To make better quaility milk, stronger piglets, higher survival rate.

Recommended products

1.Tribasic copper chloride 2.Amino acid Manganese complex 3.Amino acid Zinc complex 4.Cobalt 5.L-selenomethionine

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