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  • ISO22000
  • ISO9001

Three fine controls

Finely selected raw materials
  • 1. Sustar enterprises conducted field visits to hundreds of raw material suppliers, and selected high-quality products in the feed industry on this basis. Assign quality control personnel to supplier plant to track and supervise the quality of raw materials to ensure a stable supply of high-standard raw materials.
  • 2. 138 VS 214: Sustar formulated 214 acceptance standards for 25 kinds of mineral element products, which were more abundunt than the 138 national and industrial standards. It is based on the national standard, but stricter than the national standard.

Finely controlled porcessing



(1) Integrating the deep accumulation of Sustar enterprises in the industry for many years,  to design and manufacture the products according to their own properties;

(2) Increase the gap between bucket and wall of the scraper elevator, then do the same change to air lift, to constantly reduce and eliminate the material batch residue;

(3) In order to reduce the classification of materials in the process of falling, the distance between the discharge hole and stock bin of the mixer is optimized.



(1) Through the analysis of various trace elements, according to each production formula to formulate the best mixing sequence.

(2) Complete microelement finishing steps: raw material selection, raw material testing, raw material out of storage, batch charging, drying, testing, pulverizing, screening, mixing, discharging, testing, measuring, packaging, storaging.



In order to quickly obtain the data of technological changes in the production process of products, Sustar found out a lot of means and methods of rapid control of products.


Fine inspection of products

Conduct routine analysis combined with instrument, and the monitoring and testing of the main content of the product, toxic and harmful substances of each batch .

Three high level qualities

High safety level
  • 1. All trace element products of Sustar have a full coverage control of arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury, with a wider and more complete control range.
  • 2. The Sustar standards of the most of the control indicators of toxic and harmful substances are stricter than the national or industrial standards.

High stability level


1  After a large number of trace element pair-to-pair reaction test, we found that: According to the chemical properties of the substance, some elements should not react , when mixed together, still reaction. After analysis, it is caused by impurities brought by the production process.Accordingly, according to different trace element varieties and production processes, Sustar has formulated control indexes for free acid, chloride, ferric and other impurities to ensure the stability of trace elements themselves and weaken the destruction of trace elements to other components.

2, main content batch detection, small fluctuation, accurate.


High uniformity


1.According to the Poisson distribution theory, the particle size of trace elements is related to the mixing uniformity, and the fineness indexes of different trace elements are developed by combining different trace element varieties and different daily feed intake of animals. Because the amount of iodine, cobalt, selenium need to be add in small amounts the feed, the fineness should be controlled at least over 400 mesh to ensure the uniform daily intake of animals.

2.Make sure the products have a good flowing property by processing.

One specification

One test report

We guarantee every order with three fine controls, three high qualities, one specification and one test report.

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