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Our target is to enhance poultry production performance like fertilization rate ,hatching rate ,survival rate of young seedlings,effectively safeguard against bacteria ,viruses,fungi and stress.


  • We ensure healthier intestines and lower breakage and contamination rates of eggs, a better fecundity and longer effective breeding time, a stronger immune system with stronger offspring. It’s a safe, efficient, fast way to ration minerals to breeders. It will also enhance organisms immunity and alleviate oxidative stress. The problem of breaking and falling feathers as well as feather picking will be reduced. Breeders’ effective breeding time is extended.

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1.Copper glycine chelate 2.Tribasic copper chloride 3.Ferrous glycine chelate 5. Amino acid Manganese 6. Amino acid zinc complex 7. Chromium picolinate 8. L-selenomethionine

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