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Integrating the talents of the team to build Lanzhi Institute of Biology
  • In order to promote and influence the development of livestock industry at home and abroad, Xuzhou Animal Nutrition Institute , Tongshan District Government, Sichuan Agricultural University and Jiangsu Sustar, the four sides established Xuzhou Intelligent Biology Research Institute in December 2019. Professor Yu Bing of Animal Nutrition Research Institute of Sichuan Agricultural University served as the dean, Professor Zheng Ping and Professor Tong Gaogao served as the deputy dean. Many professors of Animal Nutrition Research Institute of Sichuan Agricultural University helped the expert team to accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the animal husbandry industry and promote the development of the industry.
Use technological superiority to lead research and innovation
  • 1. Explore new functions of trace elements
  • 2. Explore the efficient utilization of trace elements
  • 3. Study on synergism and antagonism between trace elements and feed components
  • 4. Study on the possibility of interaction and synergy between trace elements and functional peptides
  • 5. Explore and analyze the influence of trace elements on the whole process of feed processing, animal breeding and quality of livestock and poultry products
  • 6. Study on the interaction and joint action mechanism of trace elements and organic acids
  • 7. Feed trace elements and cultivated land security
  • 8. Feed trace elements and food safety

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