Ferrous Glycine Chelate Cream Powder Animal Feed Additive

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Ferrous glycine chelate is very stable, highly available, highly Chelating degree of complexation, has optimal absorption in the intestine, efficiently avoiding from antagonists side effects.
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  • CAS: No. 20150-34-9
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    Product Efficacy

    • No.1 Highly Chelating degree of complexatio The smallest amino acid trace element complex with high-quality mineral content. Chelated at 1:1 molar ratio of glycine and iron.  It can easily be absorbed by the animals and states high efficacy for swine and poultry.
    • No.2 Very stable ,Highly available
    • No.3 Optimal absorption in the intestine
    • No.4 Efficiently avoiding from antagonists side effects.
    Ferrous Glycine Chelate Cream Powder Animal Feed Additive 7


    Chemical name:Ferrous glycine chelate
    Molecular weight:634.10
    Appearance: Cream powder, anti-caking ,good fluidity
    Physical and Chemical indicator:

     Item Indicator
    Fe[C2H4O2N]HSO4,%                           ≥ 94.8
    Total glycine content,%                         ≥ 23.0
    Fe2+,(%)                                     ≥ 17.0
    As, mg / kg              ≤ 5.0
    Pb ,  mg / kg                     ≤ 8.0
    Cd,mg/kg                        ≤ 5.0
    Water content,%                               ≤ 0.5
    Fineness (Passing rate W=425µm test sieve), %     ≥ 99

    Core Technology
    No.1 Unique solvent extraction technology( ensuring purity and treat harmful substances);
    No.2 Advanced filtration system( nanoscale filtration system);
    No.3 German mature crystallization and crystal growing technology( continuous three-stage crystallization equipment);
    No.4 Stable drying process( ensuring stability of quality);
    No.5 Reliable detection equipment( Shimadzu Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometer).
    Lowferric content
    The ferric content of Sustar produced by the Company is less than 0.01% (ferric ions can not be detected through the traditional chemical titration method), while the ferric iron content of similar products in the market is more than 0.2%.
    Extremely low free glycin
    The zinc glycine chelate produced by Sustar contains less than 1% of free glycine.

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