L-selenomethionine Gray White Powder Animal Feed Additive

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This product L-selenomethionine is formed by chemical synthesis, unique component, high purity, with high deposition efficiency, improvement of livestock and poultry meat quality, darkening meat color and reduction of drip loss.

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  • CAS : No. 3211-76-5
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    Product Efficacy

    • No.1 Clear element, precise component while remaining cost effective

      L-selenomethionine is formed by chemical synthesis, unique component, high purity(more than 98%),whose selenium source 100% comes from L-selenomethionine.

    • No.2 With a well-developed and consistent method (HPLC) for accurate qualification and quantification
    • No.3 High deposition efficiency An efficient, stable and definite source of organic selenium providing animals with more effective selenium nutrition
    • No.4 Improvement of reproductive performance of breeders and well-being of their offspring
    • No.5 Improvement of livestock and poultry meat quality, darkening meat color and reduction of drip loss.
    L-selenomethionine Gray White Powder Animal Feed Additive


    Chemical name:L-selenomethionine
    Molecular weight:196.11
    Appearance: Gray White powder, anti-caking ,good fluidity


    Physical and Chemical indicator:

     Item Indicator
    Ⅰtype Ⅱ type Ⅲ type
    C5H11NO2Se ,%                        ≥ 0.25 0.5 5
    Se Content, %                          ≥ 0.1 0.2 2
    As, mg / kg                  ≤ 5
    Pb,  mg / kg                   ≤ 10
    Cd,mg/kg                      ≤ 5
    Water content,%                             ≤ 0.5
    Fineness (Passing rate W=420µm test sieve), %  ≥ 95

    Biological functions of selenomethionine

    1. Antioxidant function: Selenium is the active center of GPx, and its antioxidant function is realized through GPx and thioredoxin reductase (TrxR). Antioxidant function is the main function of selenium, and other biological functions are mostly based on this.
    2. Growth promotion: A large number of studies have proved that adding organic selenium or inorganic selenium to the diet can improve the growth performance of poultry, pigs, ruminants or fish, such as reducing the ratio of feed to meat and increasing the daily weight gain.
    3. Improved reproductive performance: Studies have shown that selenium can improve sperm motility and sperm count in semen, while selenium deficiency can increase sperm malformation rate;Adding selenium in the diet can increase the fertilizing rate of sows, increase the number of litter , increase the rate of egg production, improve eggshell quality and increase the egg weight.
    4. Improve meat quality: Lipid oxidation is the main factor of meat quality deterioration, selenium antioxidant function is the main factor to improve meat quality.
    5. Detoxification: Studies have shown that selenium can antagonize and alleviate the toxic effects of lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury and other harmful elements, fluoride and aflatoxin.
    6. Other functions: In addition, selenium plays an important role in immunity, selenium deposition, hormone secretion, digestive enzyme activity, etc.

    Application Effect

    The application effect is mainly reflected in the following four aspects:
    1.Production performance (daily weight gain, feed conversion efficiency and other indicators).
    2.Reproductive performance (sperm motility, conception rate, live litter size, birth weight, etc.).
    3.Meat, egg and milk quality (meat quality - dripping loss, meat color, egg weight and selenium deposition in meat, egg and milk).
    4.Blood biochemical indexes (blood selenium level and gsh-px activity).

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