Tribasic Copper Chloride TBCC Copper Trihydroxyl Chloride Copper Hydroxychloride Hidroxicloruro De Cobre Basico Animal Feed Additive

Short Description:

The product tribasic copper chloride has higher Cu%, much more stable in premix; Much higher bioavailability, no antagonism with ZnSO4 and FeSO4 in absorption; Less waste excreted, less threat for the environment. Much more stable, no caking in long term.

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  • CAS : No. 1332-65-6
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    Product Efficacy

    • No.1 Higher Bioavailability

      TBCC is a safer product and more available to broilers than copper sulfate,and it is chemically less active than copper sulfate in promoting the oxidation of vitamin E in feed.

    • No.2 TBCC could increase activities of AKP and ACP and affect intestinal microflora structure, though leading to a status of increasing copper accumulation in tissues.
    • No.3  TBCC could also improve antioxidant activities, immune responses.
    Tribasic Copper Chloride TBCC 7


    Chemical name:Tribasic Copper Chloride TBCC
    Formula: Cu2(OH)3Cl
    Molecular weight:427.13
    Appearance: Deep green or laurel green powder, anti-caking ,good fluidity
    Solubility: Insoluble in water, soluble in acids and ammonia
    Characteristics:Stable in the air, low water absorption, not easy to agglomerate, easy to dissolve in the intestinal tract of animals
    Physical and Chemical indicator:



    Cu2(OH)3Cl,%                    ≥


    Cu Content, %                          ≥


    Total arsenic (subject to As), mg / kg            ≤


    Pb (subject to Pb),  mg / kg                   ≤


    Cd(subject to Cd),mg/kg                      ≤


    Water content,%                             ≤


    Fineness (Passing rate W=425µm test sieve), %  ≥


    The Physiological Function of Copper

    Enzyme composition:
    Copper is a constituent of peroxide dismutase, lysyl oxidase, tyrosinase, uric acid oxidase, iron oxidase, copper amine oxidase, cytochrome C oxidase and copper blue protease, which plays an important role in pigment deposition, nerve transmission, and
    metabolism of sugars, proteins and amino acids.

    Promotes the formation of red blood cells:
    Copper can maintain the normal metabolism of iron, facilitate the absorption of iron and release from the reticuloendothelial system and liver cells into the blood, promote the synthesis of heme and the maturation of red blood cells.

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